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Maria Elisabetta Novello

Polveri, 2018 (detail)
site-specific installation, slide projectors and dust

Atlas is a solo expositive project in which Maria Elisabetta Novello explores – in various locations and in different ways – the themes of the night, space and universe.

The title of this exhibition, which is the same as the site-specific work created for the floor of the Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti, recalls the ancient human practice of resorting to celestial maps and to the reading of the stars in order to seek orientation through overland and overseas journeys.
As a matter of fact, this solo project interprets the night sky as the paradigm of the elusiveness of time and space, but also, simultaneously, as a place of knowledge and orientation.

In addition to the exhibition, a performance created in collaboration with the contemporary dance company AREAREA, will be held according to schedule. Entitled Ciò che resta del fuoco (What Remains of Fire), this work reflects on the themes of light and darkness and considers fire as a primordial and ritual element.

Performance schedule
Ciò che resta del fuoco
Castello di San Vito al Tagliamento
24 novembre 2018 at 5.30 pm
22 dicembre 2018 at 5.30 pm

written and directed by Maria Elisabetta Novello
with Roberto Cocconi and Luca Zampar
in collaboration with AREAREA company