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Silvia Mariotti

Volume Notturno (Blu nerastro), 2018
painted polystyrene, neon, painted iron, 90x90x150 cm

Melancholia is a solo exhibition by Silvia Mariotti, in which a project specifically designed for the spaces of the Castello - the old castle of San Vito al Tagliamento - is presented to the public.

The works here on display deal with the theme of the universe as a place of the unknown and the cause of a possible catastrophe: as a matter of fact, the title itself, which is a quotation from Lars von Trier’s 2011 film of the same name, refers to the precariousness and transience of our individual and collective lives.
In an atmosphere of suspense, restlessness and spatial breakthrough, Silvia Mariotti leads the visitor into a simulated night garden where he/she is forced to face, and eventually solve, some of his/her most hidden existential doubts, in an escalation that starts from one’s own individual questions, to arrive, later, to questions about the future of the entire planet and of the whole of humanity.
These cruxes are finally solved through the poetry of a “fallen” sky and a simulated Renaissance garden, which become the most suitable context for the exercise of memory and recollection, as well as the perfect place to strengthen and better appreciate the metaphysical sense of our lives.