Essiccatoio Bozzoli and other public spaces

San Vito al Tagliamento

November 13, 2016 – January 8, 2017

Curated by Antonio Garlatti and Giorgia Gastaldon

This year, Palinsesti continues to explore the works of the artists present in the contemporary art collection Punto Fermo in San Vito al Tagliamento. The collection, set up in 2011 on the occasion of Palinsesti’s twentieth anniversary, found its final location in a room of Essiccatoio Bozzoli in 2014, where this year, in proximity of spaces and intents, it is possible to visit a solo exhibition by Giorgio Valvassori, an artist who is in Punto Fermo with Askesis (2002).

Moreover - in order to celebrate twenty-five editions of contemporary art - Palinsesti 2016 is enriched by a series of installations, placed permanently in the public spaces of San Vito al Tagliamento by Valvassori himself. This is a further occasion to increase the cultural heritage of the town which always puts great effort into hosting the most recent artistic experiments within its territory, in an attempt to create a continuous dialogue between the past (monuments and historic sites) and the present (Valvassori’s installations and works), making this hamlet increasingly and constantly open to new expressions of art.

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