Mono no aware

Fondazione Ado Furlan, Pordenone

Ida Blažičko, Mono no aware, 2017
site specific sculpture, fabric
900x400x270 cm

According to custom, Fondazione Furlan hosts the personal exhibition of the winner of the previous year’s edition of the Premio In Sesto award. The artist Ida Blažičko presents the project L’estate 1689… - a sculpture made of reflective steel that represents a cicada – installed along the walls of the town of San Vito al Tagliamento.
The title is drawn from a haiku by the Japanese poet Matsuo Basho, who inspired the artist and evokes the genius loci (the spirit of the place) of the appointed location.
The mirror finish of the stainless steel surface is transformed by the lighting effects, created by water reflections and by the reverberation of rocks and vegetation, and it thus becomes a process of ongoing relationship between the work of art and its context.
In Fondazione Furlan, Ida Blažičko also presents Mono no aware (in Japanese, “the pathos of things”), a site-specific installation made of a fragile textile material, that redesigns the expositive space.
The works selected for the exhibition – complementary and interconnected among each other from a technical point of view as well as in terms of their practical creation – express Blažičko’s creative approach and testify to both indoor interventions and the production of outdoor public art. The aesthetics that inspire the two works is univocal: the interest for the perceptive relationship between artwork, space and observer; the allure of Oriental philosophy; and the study of biomimicry applied to art. The evocation of the fragility of human existence and the impermanence of beauty is also evident in Blažičko’s art.

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