Elio Caredda

Essiccatoio Bozzoli
curated by Antonio Garlatti and Giorgia Gastaldon

Elio Caredda, Mai entrato, mai uscito, 2011
woolen felt, 22x18x20 cm (each element)
photo credits: Laura Tessaro

and foundering is sweet in such a sea
Giacomo Leopardi, Infinity

«The work of art is born of the artist in a mysterious and secret way. From him it gains life and being. Nor is its existence casual and inconsequent, but it has a definite and purposeful strength, alike in its material and spiritual life.»
This quote by Wassily Kandinsky can help us to trace the artistic path of Elio Caredda as a personal, spiritual, and mystical pursuit which is oriented towards knowledge. Such an inquiry inevitably leads to assert that the artist «must watch only the trend of the inner need, and hearken to its words alone» meanwhile never losing sight of reality and of its contradictions (W. Kandinsky, Concerning the spiritual in art).
Caredda’s works exhibited in this edition of Palinsesti lead us to look into ourselves, to look at our essence, through a path that sometimes is even made of “unjustified behaviors”, that prove to be irrational, repetitive, and obsessive. They invite us to stop, to look at things and at the world in a different way, to give a “meaning” and a “justification” to our life.
This year, therefore, it is through this solo exhibition that Palinsesti carries on the process of acknowledging the work of the artists who take part in the contemporary art collection Punto Fermo in San Vito al Tagliamento. This collection was assembled in 2011 on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Palinsesti and it was displayed in the rooms of the Essiccatoio Bozzoli (a historic textile drying room in San Vito). Elio Caredda’s work Ush dar dam (2008), which is the starting-point of this solo exhibition, is preserved in this collection.

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