Tre atti sul disegno – atto I

Castello, San Vito al Tagliamento

sunday 19 november 2017 h 16.30
saturday 9 december 2017 h 16.30
sunday 7 january 2018 h 16.30

In the rooms of the top floor of the Castello (the ancient castle of San Vito), the first act of the performance by Michele Tajariol entitled Trilogia del Doppio – Tre atti sul disegno (Trilogy of the Double – Three acts on the drawing) will take place on a fixed schedule. Moreover, in the same rooms, visitors will find items belonging to the stage setting and pictures, which are an integral part of the work, put on display when the performance is not on show.

The theme of this performance, as suggested by the title, is represented by the motif of the “double”, which has always maintained a long fortune in the field of the figurative and the literary arts, particularly but not exclusively in western culture. Both conceived as a copy and as an alter ego, the “double” expresses the dual relationship between likeness and difference, which often arises between the real world and the more ephemeral and falsifiable dimension of art and drawing.

Lately, Michele Tajariol has chosen to drop the “fixity” of the sculptural production by integrating the latter into performative practices such as action and dance. This performance is the result of his collaboration with other figures in the world of contemporary art, such as other visual artists, but also a choreographer, a sound designer, and dancers.

production and texts by Michele Tajariol
sculptures and stage setting by Ludovico Bomben and Lorenzo Cianchi
choreography by Mattia Mantellato, performance by Silvia Baldasso and Sara Bravin
sound design by Alberto Biasutti
in collaboration with A.S.D. Passione Arte Danza, Pordenone

Opening hours

saturday and sunday

after hours / private tours, please contact Ufficio Beni e Attività Culturali


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