Frozen river

Mathilde Caylou

Fondazione Ado Furlan


curated by di Giada Centazzo

In-ondes, 2015
blown cristal, print on adhesive vinyl, 200x200x40 cm

Following a well-established tradition, the Fondazione Furlan hosts the solo exhibition of the winner of the previous edition of the In Sesto Prize. On this occasion, the French artist Mathilde Caylou presents the Frozen River project, a transparent glass sculpture with intrusions of coloured minerals, which reproduces the route of the Tagliamento river seen from above, from its origin to the Friulian town of San Vito, along the walls of which the work is now installed.

For the Fondazione Furlan, Mathilde Caylou also presents a selection of glass works that embody the trajectories of her artistic research and, at the same time, are well connected to the San Vito project. The works presented here exemplify the artist’s creative approach, at the crossroads of topography, topology, geography and geology. Through the malleable material of glass, which is derived from the ground itself, Caylou makes a map of the territory that is as real as it is metaphorical, creating abstract but rich landscapes: the river that flows in the Friulian plain, the glacier that advanced along the mountain slopes and the profiles of the Icelandic banks. Furthermore, the modelling of the glass, which the artist performs like a maître verrier - a master glass-maker - recalls the modelling of the landscape produced by natural elements.

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