In Sesto Prize

Place As Art 2021

Curated by Michela Lupieri

For the 13th edition of the In Sesto Prize, the selected competitors are Jérémy Berton (Villeneuve Saint Georges, 1986) from France, Hella Gerlach (Gummersbach, 1977) from Germany, and Francesco Pozzato (Vicenza, 1992) from Italy.

As usual, the artists have been asked to design a public artwork for a specific place in town, an area between via Mercato and viale del Mattino, also known as Foro Boario. The place was once a market for livestock, especially cattle, and has now been redeveloped into a public garden, where previously there was a gas station.

The works that represent each artist’s research are exhibited on the first floor of the Antiche Carceri, while the three project proposals are shown on the ground floor. Jérémy Berton’s Lock and Key is a mechanical winding key, made of cast iron, with a granular surface and almost human-like dimensions. Set on a concrete base, its two large holes seem to suggest that, by turning the key, we may be led to a secret place. Hella Gerlach’s Le Gambe di Tagliamento draws inspiration from the location's history and its transformations: it is a tangle of legs (‘gambe', in Italian) in coloured concrete that is placed on the ground, looking as if it were coming out of it. Leoni mansueti all’ombra dei tigli (which in Italian means ‘tamed lions under the shadow of  the lime trees’) is a bench-shaped painted iron sculpture, designed  by Francesco Pozzato. The work combines the etymological origins of the hydronym Tagliamento (probably connected to the Italian word for lime tree, tiglio) and the symbols that characterise the patron saint of the city (St. Vito), in an ongoing dialogue between hagiography and geography, public context and cultural identity.


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