Hella Gerlach

Spiritual Bypass III

Premio In Sesto 2021
curated by Giada Centazzo

Palazzo Tullio-Altan

For the second year in row, Palazzo Tullio-Altan hosts the solo exhibition of the winner of the last edition of the In Sesto Prize. The German artist Hella Gerlach won in 2021 with the sculpture project Le Gambe di Tagliamento designed for the former town’s Foro Boario, which has now been redeveloped into a public garden. The sculpture consists of two tangled legs at child’s height, and alludes to social interaction as the catalyst for the growth and development  of unexpected ideas.

Palazzo Tullio-Altan displays a selection of Gerlach’s works entitled hangover,  properly numbered within a longer, constantly evolving series of thirty-seven pieces. The last one - hangover #37 - is being exhibited for the first time in San Vito Al Tagliamento. Gerlach's works consist of flexible tubular forms differently padded and properly combined together as a setting hanging from the roof. With their anthropomorphic character and the sensuous tactile dimension of their surfaces and the different colors, these creations are an attempt to give substance to inner emotional states. Motorized or moving slightly, they are genuine ‘performative sculptures' producing sounds or emanating scents; these artworks invite the visitors to interact with them. The dialectic relationship between the works and their surrounding space, between one work and the other, as well as between artwork and visitor is indeed a focus for the artist.

Hella Gerlach’s aesthetic research develops around existing relations between architectonic, physical and social bodies. The body theme is one of the leitmotiv  in Gerlach’s artistic production, among which the works here on display are a suggestive sample, as both places of landing and relaunch.

Hella Gerlach (Gummersbach, 1977) lives and works in Berlin. She studied experimental sculpture at the Düsseldorf’s Kunstakademie, history of art at the University of Cologne and integrated design at the International School of Design in Cologne. She held several solo and collective exhibitions both Germany and abroad, such as at Galleria Acappella (Naples), Stations (Berlin), Roemer-und Pelizaeus-Museum (Hildesheim), Goethe- Institut Glasgow (Scotland), Museum Schloss (Schwerin), Kunstverein (Hamburg), Mark Morgan Perez Garage (Buenos Aires) and Garden City Club (Cairo).

Hella Gerlach, Another Bypass, 2022
mixed fabric, wool, hericium erinaceus, engine mechanism
228x43x12 cm

Hella Gerlach, Do you have everything you need II?, 2021
mixed fabric, wool, copper, ashes, sulfur, twine, enameled ceramic
314x29x11,5 cm

Hella Gerlach, Spiritual Bypass #3, 2022 (installation view)
variable dimensions

Hella Gerlach, Articulate a collective dream, 2021
mixed fabric, wool, secondhand clothing, bufo, speaker sound (in cooperation with Yosa Peit)
150x38x17 cm

Hella Gerlach, Articulate a collective dream II, 2022
mixed fabric, wool, secondhand clothing, bufo, speaker sound (in cooperation with Yosa Peit), engine mechanism
162x39x18 cm

Hella Gerlach, Let’s take a moment lo let that settle II, 2021-2022
mixed fabric, wool, feathers, metal, twine, honeysuckle, gaba
353x21,5x11 cm

Hella Gerlach, Hangover (loop ́on), 2021
digital print on Blue Back paper
59,5x84 cm

Hella Gerlach, Hangover #32 (Spagati), 2021
mixed fabric, wool, secondhand clothing
332x63x20 cm

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