In Sesto Prize

Il luogo come arte

curated by Michela Lupieri
in collaboration with Alice Debianchi

Antiche Carceri

The fourteenth edition of the In Sesto Prize introduces two innovations, as evidence of its evolution through the years. For the first time, the field of action moves to Piazza IV Novembre in Ligugnana, a hamlet of San Vito al Tagliamento where the winning artwork will be installed.
The choice of the place is not accidental, because it is linked to the second novelty of this year’s edition: the Prize being structured for the first time around a specific theme. 2022 marks the one hundredth anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s birth. As an author, he was linked to Casarsa, to the town of San Vito al Tagliamento, and to Friuli Venezia-Giulia, and wrote about the Ligugnana territory in more than one of his works.
The standards to select the candidates were thus different from those of previous years: although the international vocation of the Prize has been maintained, it was decided to go beyond the usual geographical localizations and to consider artists whose production revolves around and takes inspiration from Pasolini’s thought and art.
Hence, the choice to invite Quentin Lefranc (Tours, 1987), Chantal Vey (Saint-Agrève, 1970) - both from France - and Sasha Vinci (Modica, 1980) from Italy, whose artistic research shares the ability to read the multi-layered and complex thought of Pasolini and to reflect it from different points of view .
For this special edition, both the projects for the public artwork and the focus on the works of each candidate, both exhibited on the first floor of the Antiche Carceri, revolve around the same theme. To answer a special request from the town management, In Sesto Prize 2022 pays homage to an author - whose origin and ties with the Friuli region are evident - by connecting Palinsesti to the different shows and festivals that are being held everywhere for Paolini’s centennial birth anniversary.

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