Dieci Premio in Sesto 2009 - 2019

Stories of contemporary sculpture in an urban area

Fondazione Aldo Furlan


artworks by: Massimo Poldelmengo, Marotta&Russo, Anna Pontel, Gianni Pignat, Guerrino Dirindin, Bruno Fadel, Michele Spanghero, Ida Blažičko, Mathilde Caylou, Nataša Sienčnik

In 2009, Palinsesti introduced a new section to its Festival of Contemporary Art: the In Sesto Prize - Place As Art (Premio In Sesto - Il Luogo Come Arte). Since then, nearly forty artists have participated in the competition by presenting their sculptures or installations specifically created for a historic location in the town of San Vito al Tagliamento. The purpose of these installations is to enrich various areas of the city with contemporary art.
Dieci, the exhibition dedicated to the ten years (hence the name, which in Italian means ‘ten’) of the In Sesto Prize will be on display at the Fondazione Furlan in order to mark this important accomplishment. Ten years. Ten artists. Ten projects. Ten artworks created. The winning artworks’ original models, sketches and materials will be exhibited together at the same place, allowing visitors to see the evolution of the In Sesto Prize, as well as the evolving taste of the audience - the unquestionable judge of this competition - over the past ten years.

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saturday and sunday

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