Punto Fermo

Lorenzo Missoni

Essiccatoio Bozzoli

San Vito al Tagliamento

Curated by Antonio Garlatti

Lorenzo Missoni, Quello che resta è l’indifferenza, 2019
wood, papier mache, adhesive tape, newspaper
variable dimensions
photo credits © Orazio Pugliese


Lorenzo Missoni’s artistic journey is deeply linked to the research and creation of images which assume a mental value rather than a narrative one. Although in his work he uses everyday objects and tools - perhaps almost ordinary as they are commonly used - they trigger new and uninterrupted processes of signification in the artist’s poetic process. Any object with a specific function in reality loses its primary identity to assume other roles and meanings when inserted into a different and indefinite context. Missoni’s language works as a sort of ars combinatoria, although not strictly so in Leibzinian terms, as it pursues a synesthetic and imaginative rather than a logical or analytical path. A feeling of curiosity accompanies the visitor who approaches the installation Quello che resta è l’indifferenza (meaning, in Italian, ‘What remains is indifference’), a site-specific installation created for the Essiccatoio Bozzoli. In the apparent emptiness of the large hall, something attracts one’s attention. About fifty birds shaped from newspaper sheets are arranged on a white surface, resting on easels. The windows of the room are closed and obscured by clippings of articles recently published in the press. It is not known why this myriad of birds, laying in a state of rigor mortis, can be found in such an environment, once destined for silkworm cocoon processing. What is certain is that through this image, Missoni manages to disrupt our certainties. He prompts us to investigate and think. It seems that those birds scattered on the table have lost their primary function of flying, of hovering free in the sky, crossing borders, migrating. That would be nature’s desire, but it is not man’s will. Uncertain rumours of recent news are filtering from the newspapers stuck to the windows: closure of borders, drifting castaways, uncertain landings, fear of the other, of what is different from us. It thus seems that Missoni is asking us to reconsider our relationships, the relationships we have with people, especially those we have with people we don’t know, and the indifference that pervades us.

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