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Anna Pontel

Anna Pontel, Madre, 2019
hydraulic hoses and joints
200x95x55 cm
photo courtesy © Elena Grimaz

Motherhood and the family circle: Anna Pontel meditates on these two emblematic images through two evocative works which are intimately connected to her artistic production. By means of her work of art, the artist first speculates on the subject of motherhood, its most disparate meanings and declensions and then invites the observer to do the same. Madre (2015, meaning ‘mother’ in Italian) is an installation made up of modular elements combined together which stands out as a visual oxymoron. Hydraulic pipes and galvanized steel joints reproduce the title of the work by intersecting each other, but they do not reconcile with the usual idea of motherhood. As a matter of fact, in this work, the mother is not intended as a parent but is conceived in wider terms as origin, source, cause, principle, foundation. On the other hand, Casa (2019, meaning ‘house’ in Italian) is a new original work created ad hoc for this year’s art exhibition: here, Anna Pontel reconstructs all the rooms of her childhood house through fourteen small-scale volumes. In this atypical model, the real walls dematerialize and become air, while the air in the room takes the form of cardboard solids painted in white. Visitors witness a change of direction taking place between the perimeter walls and the interior spaces, where the void becomes full and vice versa. The artist symbolically and metaphorically reconstructs her domestic environment, where every single volume bears a personal and intimate experience with the attempt of “giving shape to what has shaped her”.