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Letizia Scarpello

Letizia Scarpello, Why do things have to be so hard #1, 2017
“Mousse Magazine” n.54, iron wire and black rubber
40x30x30 cm
photo courtesy © t-space

The cornerstones of Letizia Scarpello’s aesthetic research are the concepts of space and relationships as systems of communication and the issues regarding the current organisation of contemporary art. Through the power of her art, the artist tries to question stereotypes and cliches.

The set of installations called Why do things have to be so hard #1 (2017) is still a work in progress. The title comes from an article Scarpello read in a magazine, which quotes the words written by Japanese girl to her mother before committing suicide due to the excessive work schedule she was coping with. The artist applied sculptural graftings made of iron thread covered with foam onto a copy of “Mousse Magazine” - a well known quarterly contemporary art magazine . The artwork is a critique of the media and the publishing platforms which only focus on the visual impact at the expense of the souls of artists and their dedication to their artworks. At the same time, it is a form of dissent towards the new digital trends of art.

In the site-specific installation Diserta (2016-2019) the rooms of the castle of San Vito al Tagliamento are covered with foam created specifically for that purpose. The audience is led to look at the place from a different perspective and their gaze follows unpredictable and unusual trajectories. The artist tries to educate the observer’s eye, and he/she is asked to overcome the stereotypes concerning artistic and architectural fruition.