Premio In Sesto

Place as art

Antiche Carceri

San Vito al Tagliamento

curated by Michela Lupieri

Reaching its tenth edition, the In Sesto Prize reaffirms its multiannual vocation of promoting contact and exchange among national and international artists.
The participants in the present edition come respectively from North Rhine-Westphalia, Veneto and Carinthia. These geographic areas were selected as part, along with Friuli, of the Alpe-Adria Euroregion and included in the twinning network of the town of San Vito Al Tagliamento: Sankt Veit an der Glan and Stadtlohn are in fact the Austrian and German cities twinned with San Vito.
The “In Sesto Prize” carries out its usual and consolidated formula: three artists are invited to present a sculptural or installation project intended for a public space of the city. This year, the chosen location is the garden behind the Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti.
As usual, the audience is called on to express their preference by voting, thus deciding which artwork will actually be created in the course of 2019. The winning artwork will therefore be installed in the territory of San Vito al Tagliamento in a permanent way and will become an integral part of its artistic heritage.

Nataša Sienčnik

winner of 10th edition of the “In Sesto Prize. Place as art”

Carinthian artist Nataša Sienčnik is the winner of the 10th edition of the In Sesto Prize, with 47,91% votes. Sienčnik’s project, entitled How to draw a border in the sky, was conceived for the courtyard of San Vito al Tagliamento’s ancient hospital (Antico Ospedale dei Battuti). The installation, consisting of seven birdhouses, is about the ambivalence existing between a promised utopia and bitter reality. At first glance, these objects look just like idyllic little family houses. It is only upon closer inspection that they turn out to be cages rather than homes.
The artist wants to reflect on the theme of migration: while some creatures, like birds, are more than welcome to stay, the same cannot be said about those who are crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Alberto Scodro ranked second, with 39,38% votes and Ulrike Schulze finished third, with 12,34% votes.

VOTES: 551

Nataša SIENČNIK: votes 264 (47,91%)
Alberto SCODRO: votes 217 (39,38%)
Ulrike SCHULZE: votes 68 (12,34%)

Blank ballot: 1 (0,18%)
Spoilt ballot: 1 (0,18%)

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